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Who are the Punks?
The Sex Pistols
Die toten Hosen

The history

Punkrock was most probably created in New York or in London in 1976. Punk is not only a music trend out of the Rock´n´Roll, but more a way of life. It is the expression of unemployment and economical disaster.

Punk seems to be impersonal and is influenced by a hectic rhythm. One of the most popular Punkgroups was "The Sex Pistols". Their music wasn´t played very often because it was boycotted by media.
Usually Punks are as peaceful as other people.

Who is considered a Punk?

People with coloured hair, dirty clothes and funny ear decoration?
Behind all that you can find a certain way of life. In former days some Punks were street-children, they had a hard life. There are not only man but women too, usually they are prostitues. The Punk-Music is quite noisy. They sing about sex and drugs. They even created a specical dance, known as Pogo.
There are some terms which are connected with Punkmusic for example: justice, aggressivenes, live on the street, anarchy.

What is the aim of Punk?

Our society often describes the Punks as rebellious people. Punkers are convinced that our social system is not social. On the other hand society calls the Punks antisocial, because they don´t like to work.
If people were equal, it could be the best way to keep peace in this world. They dream of a goverment without prohibitions and restrictions, without law.
They fight for a society with unlimited freedom. There symbol is a "A" within a circle.
Anarchy wants freedom and dignity for everyone.


Evi, Melanie, Julia, Katja

Evi, Melanie, Katja, Julia

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