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Logo-Körperbilder   Cloning and Cosmetic Surgery   an den anfang zurueckblaettern weiterblaettern ans ende eine ebene nach oben



We are four students from Brixen, and we attend the fourth form of a school for social studies. At the moment we are working on a very interesting project called "Körperbilder". We are very interested in the theme cloning and cosmetic surgery and so we want to do an interesting work about it.


Who hasn`t at any time thought to immortalize himself/herself in any way, for example with a portrait, a lifework or a brilliant idea?

We all know Einstein because of his theory of relativity, or Mozart, because he hypnotizes us with his inspired music or the wonderful poets Goethe and Shakespeare who will live forever in our minds.

Today's technology, which follows a very high standard, allows the society to change its own history of evolution.

Many people want to be freezed after their death to rise as a clone after some years. The aim is to live forever and to find a new way for reproduction. Short times ago it became possible to clone animals. Now they want to clone the wonder "man". Then we will know all the mysteries and we can change the eternal cycle of reproduction to a new process. It will also be possible to manipulate fertilisation in a direct way. The procreated children are then corresponding with the parents wishes, hopes and ideas. Embryos could be selected in a specific way, deformities prevented and hereditary diseases could be eliminated forever. Scientists want to find the key to all the human genes. They then could assign every character to his gene and the aim is to construct a new perfect person.

Cosmetic surgery

Only few people are really happy with their appearance. Many consider themselves ugly, as a consequence they can't find an appropriate role in the society.

We all have an ideal image of a person in our mind, that personifies our models. Woman wish to be as popular as Madonna, men want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or they wish to have a face like Leonardo di Caprio or Brad Pitt.

Many women have plastic surgery done on their bosoms, to look like Pamela Anderson. This mania to be the double of a famous person often depends on a weakened self-esteem.

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