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Logo-Körperbilder   Fast slimmers and bruises   an den anfang zurueckblaettern weiterblaettern ans ende eine ebene nach oben



We are a group of girls from the 3B ASD of a school for social studies in Brixen (South Tyrol). We're five girls: Marlies, Angelika, Stefanie, Elisabeth and Katrin. In February 2001 we started the project "Körperbilder". Our group worked on:

Fast slimmers

With a most promising advertising slim fast products look very attractive to the consumers. One type of products are fast slim products and diets, while a second type consists of fat burners. The danger is that only the positive aspects are given although there are many side effects. Our opinion is, that to reduce your weight you should first of all change your eating habits and follow a carefully chosen diet.


Bruises can destroy your skin. We distinguish between three degrees of burnings: a burn of the first degree can redden our skin; a burn of the second degree brings about blisters on our skin and a burn of the third degree destroys your skin completely. Today it is possible to substituite burned skin with implantations.

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