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Diary of a Whimphy Kid
Jeff Kiney

Verlag: Puffin

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Diary of a Whimphy Kid

Rodrick Rules
Jeff Kiney


This book is about a boy named Greg. Greg has two brothers named Rodrick and Manny. Manny tells his mother everything Greg and Rodrick do. Greg's best friend is Rupert. Rupert has a babysitter. Greg loves the babysitter and when he went to Rupert one day he hoped the babysitter is home. She wasn't home, though. It was Rupert's neighbor at RupertOne day is a competition at school. You could compete with what you want. Greg does a magic show with a first-grader. Rodrick and his band perform a song. Greg and the first-grader had already been eliminated in the preliminary round. The winners were Rodrick and his band.


Ich empfehle dieses Buch, weil ...
... because it is sometimes very lucky

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I love Jeff Kinney Books 


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