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Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Robert Louis Stevenson

Verlag: Pearson

Autor: Robert Louis Stevenson
Kategorie: Spannung & Krimi

This book is a horror story. There are three people, Dr. Jekyll and his freinds Mr Utterson and Lanyon. These friends are worried because a bad man goes in and out of Mr. Jekyll's house. Jekyll tells Mr. Utterson that this man is his friend and he wants that all his money goes to him if he dies. Strange things happen in the city and the police thinks Mr. Hyde is a criminal. At the end of the book the reader finds out that Mr Hyde and Mr. Jekyll are...

Empfehlung: It is a very mysterious book with a big surprise at the end.
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Book comment

Geschrieben am 08.04.2019 - 971x gelesen

This story is very good and you wrote this story clear. 

Well done.Lächelnd

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