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Favourite person (7/26)


Gufler Andrea

Monday, December 13, 2010

Language: English



hey friends... :D

who is you favourite person of the book and why?

what do you think of Gracey's and Angela's friendship?

I look forward to your answers! See you :D




1 Comment from Lanz,Viktoria

15-12-2010 11:51 am

my favourite person is Jarred. He´s really nice to Gracey and helps her to win the race. But i also like Nerida and Dougy. About Angela´s and Gracey´s friendship i think that Gracey thinks and speaks sometimes too much about the aboriginal history with Angela. She shows her that Angela is white and she is black. But i think it doesn´t matter if one of two friends has another skin colour...Maybe Gracey thinks that Angela cannot understand her problems with the aboriginal history, but in my opinion Angela understands it well xD

2 Comment from Gufler Andrea

15-12-2010 8:47 pm

hi vicky,
I imagined that he is your favourite one ;) what a surprise^^
yeah, Dougy first seems only to be a little boy, but he is very intelligent!!!
why do you like Jarred most ;) ?

yes, Gracey exaggerates sometimes! she cannot always speak about her history, she lives no in the present and your past shouldn't destroy your life!
of course you know the song "Black or white" from MJ!!!! xD

3 Comment from Schröer Saskia

21-12-2010 4:37 pm

Heey girls,

my favourite person in Gracey. I like her because I can understand her very well. She's kind of confused and doesn't knwo where she my opinion it is really difficult for her to manage all that, I mean, to get to know where she belongs and what's right/wrong, good/bad...even if it's a bit exaggerated sometimes.

It's not that I like her because she seems so kind and nice, I like her because of the different situations and how she manages them. During the beginning she's really selfish, I have to admit...I think Jolly said it before..(: But, in the end when she talks with Angela about her mistakes and her thoughts, I am really keen on how she talks and how she expresses herself..

Yeah, that's it.:) What do you think?

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