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act III (4/26)


Biamino Camilla

Tuesday, December 14, 2010



I've also finished  the last act now. At the beginning of this act I already suspected that something strange woud happen but that it would become soooo funny. XP

First Jack pretends to be Earnest but his name is John and in the end he has both names.

I like the end it is the top of the comedy.




1 Comment from Kiener Lisa

14-12-2010 6:33 pm

hi, I've just finished the book and I'm really surprised too: I've never expected it to be so funny :-)

my favourite character was definitely lady bracknell. I could imagine her sitting on the chair getting nearly a heart attack when she heard of the both engagements =D

2 Comment from Iftkhar Kirn

14-12-2010 8:23 pm

hiii =))
The end is the best part of the book .
Especially the truth about Jack! That his real name is Ernest!! =)

I had to laugh a lot while reading =)
The book was reallyyyy funny :D

3 Comment from Huber Magdalena

14-12-2010 8:33 pm

Hi :) I dindn't get something at the end. How is Jack related to Gwendolen?
The book was very funny and I love the way the characters communicate with each other!
Even if it was a little bit complicated I'm positively surprised :)

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