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Theory and Practice

Professor Do Coyle - What are the principles of CLIL? - YouTube
Professor Do Coyle - What should CLIL teacher education consist of? - YouTube
Professor Do Coyle - What is your vision for CLIL for the future? - YouTube
David Marsh on CLIL - Bing video
CLIL: transforming upper secondary education - Teresa Ting - YouTube
LEND 1-2017 (pdf)
Case Studies T. Ting - Go to part 3, pp. 25-33

From CLIL to Pluriliteracies
Subject Literacy in Content and Language Integrated Learning

Neuroscientific Evidence on Learning
CLIL Appeals to How the Brain Likes its Information

CLIL in Italien
Le scelte italiane (pdf)

Bergmann, J., Sams, A. (2011), How the Flipped Classroom Is Radically Transforming Learning. In The Daily,

Authenticity in CLIL (pdf)

New trends in CLIL(pdf)

7 questions before you start a CLIL classroom    


Basic questions about CLIL

CLIL debate: questions and answers

Interview with Prof. Marsh  

CLIL clips on youtube

Resource Pack for primary and lower secondary: Book review 

International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism (abstracts of articles)

Online Journal Humanising Language Teaching (Look for articles on CLIL.)  

Humanising Language Teaching (Click on previous editions.)

General introduction to new research (2017) and CLIL in Arts

Productive Classroom Talk

Beyond CLIL